Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Zero Causation

It's been months since I've last written for the sake of 'blood and ink'; that is, for mere sporadic literature zealotry.

Also, I haven't heard streaks of boisterous thunders in a long time. Sitting here in this humble tiny dorm room, mental pictures of how protagonists who live in those "predictable" old, solitary, wooden cabins in Thriller movies run amok as my musings go wild. We, however, share the same sentiments where the climax comes at the peak of thunder and uncertainty, probably because we're too engrossed by the walls we call "the world". Likewise, I haven't experienced the abuse of thunderstorm's raindrops akin to those once-in-a-while yet mortifying spanks of embarrassment from the parents. By this I mean real and raw pain, not some occasional "feeling blue" dispositions in which all you need is an amalgamation of a pint of Mint Chocolate Ice Cream, a damp, silky blanket, and a favourite movie you've probably watched millions of times.

Now, the thunderstorm has subsided like the uncertainty of a calm human being on a 24/7 PMS spree. What fear has intruded my thoughts has left with the sound of birds rejoicing the end of a storm. Yet, it is this fear, the crimson in our burning hearts, the platonic relationship between non-living and living, that makes us feel much alive. Additionally, it will never be sunny nor stormy forever, especially not both. Mathematically, this translates into a conditional probability of P(sunny | stormy) that yields zero causation. The mutually exclusiveness here lies in the fact that life, like nature, has deceptive ways to make you blame one mishap or opportunity for the other. Guess it's time to learn how each thing speaks for itself: today isn't a reason for yesterday, nor will tomorrow be a cause for the next.

I miss feeling alive. Yet, I should probably just go back to being "lifeless" and revise for my Statistics final exam. (Not that I have started anything productive today.) And although I'm very inclined to blaming this post for giving me less time to study, I guess I shouldn't. Not exemplifying the "zero causation" rule I mentioned would make me much more of a hypocrite than I already am.

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