Sunday, October 14, 2012

Midterm Break Part I

I have had the short yet worthwhile opportunity to go back home during my school's midterm break. Due to bad timing since most of my friends were busy studying for their final exams(cramming, really), I was only able to go out with a few peeps! However, visiting home for 3 days was beyond what I could ask for! And too bad I wasn't able to take a photo with the birthday girl Rosario last 8th October! I treated her to lunch, and had fun catching up with each of our separate lives, which were already good enough! Belated happy birthday again lol

Also, I met up with my high school classmates last Monday! Only 4 people came, but that's alright! It was such a short notice and last minute decision to fly home anyway. Again, it was a worthwhile opportunity to catch up with whatever I missed. And boy were there few but juicy happenings that I found out about! ;)

  My good friend Catrina of! Do check out her blog some time!

 Me, Catrina and Vinvin

Kim and Vinvin

What we had for dinner: Chicken Charlie Soy + Spicy Drumsticks and Wings, and Chatime Pearl Milk Tea!

 My super genius friend Selina also came to dinner with us!

My vain friends forced me to be vain with them. Agreed since I owe them. Sigh

So that's pretty much my Cebu trip! Don't have much to say, but happy sembreak to everyone back in Pinas! Looking forward to seeing everyone this December :)


  1. Why are they all girls...What about me :(

    1. Because you weren't there. Lol, everyone was pretty busy with finals!


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